Val and Harriet Walter at her 'Brutus And Other Heroines' Book Signing - March 2017

Val with Harriet Walter at her book signing of 'Brutes And Other Heroines' at The National Theatre. Harriet performed in one of the programmes that Val staged at The Cheltenham Festival of Literature.

Sam Haywood debut King's Place concert - October 2016

Sam Haywood invited Val to listen to his piano recital on 12th October 2016.

Below photo of Val with Sam after his debut concert recital at King's Place, London.

Community Play for the 125th Anniversary of Waterlow Park - September 2016

Val staged a community play, From Estate to Park for the 125th Anniversary of Waterlow Park .

Below photo from left to right, Richard Roques (Sir John Lubbock, Chairman of the London County Council), Val Doulton, Derek Howard (Sir Sydney Waterlow). Behind the group the statue of Sir Sydney Waterlow in the park, the inscription on the statue in the words of Sir Sydney is 'A garden for the gardenless'

Below photo from left to right Dermot Taylor (sculptor Frank Taubman) with Val in front of Frank Taubman's statue of Sir Sydney. Dermot studied and acted in Val's Adult Education Shakespeare group for many years.

Patricia Walby, who organised the whole celebration day sent Val the following words of appreciation for the staging of From Estate to Park:

“The Live Literature Company proved hugely supportive during the 125th anniversary of our local park — Waterlow Park -- in North London.  When one of the six local schools we were working with had to absent themselves at the last minute from one of six plays mapping the history of the park -- we contacted Valerie Doulton in desperation. She and her company, which for this particular play was headlined by Derek Howard, immediately came to our aid, taking over the production with professionalism, speed and enthusiasm and in so doing lifted considerable stress from the organisers.  I don’t know how she did it but I take my hat off to her that she produced 15 minutes of flawless costume drama with Derek Howard in the lead role. I have worked for many years in television drama, and I can say from considerable experience that Valerie and her team are a local treasure which I, and I know many other local people, would like to support in any way I can. In the meantime I look forward very much to seeing new productions for which I know they have plans.”

Edinburgh Festival - August 2016

Val was one of the guests at the Visiting Arts Producer's Breakfast meeting at Edinburgh Festival 2016.

Below Dermot Linehan, Festival Director and Chief Executive, deep in thought as he discusses the future of festivals worldwide. 

Val with Lindsey Kemp after his masterclass at RADA - May 2016

Val with Lindsay Kemp, RADA May 2016
Val and Lindsay Kemp ran a Summer workshop together in Todi, Italy. This happened because a dear friend of both of them brought them together for this work. His name is John Spradbery and he worked as Lindsay's Production Manager for many years, touring the world with Lindsay. Prior to this Val, John and Lindsay met in Edinburgh at the beginning of the 1970s and worked in the same building there together. Val was delighted to meet Lindsay and be invited to this RADA masterclass. We both miss John Spradbery, Val gave an address at his funeral 2 years ago.

John Spradbery at his 80th Birthday do.