Published article celebrates the Live Lit Co's 15th anniversary year - Sep 2017

Val has had her article published this month in the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution Newsletter. The article celebrates the 15th Anniversary year of the Live Lit Co, honouring many of the LLC’s achievements over those years, and it also shows what we have been about and so much we can be proud of. 

Please do click on the following links to read page one and page two of the article. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Edinburgh Festival Visiting Arts producer/director meeting - August 2017

This is a picture of Fergus Linehan, Director of the Edinburgh International Festival talking to the people who attended the Visiting Arts producer/director breakfast meeting at the Edinburgh Festival on August 24th. In the background of the photo is Yvette Vaughan Jones, Executive Director, Visiting Arts.

For 5 years running Val has been invited to be part of this meeting at the Edinburgh Festival representing The Live Literature Company.

'Much About Nothing in One Hour' with LLC at Shakespeare's School Room - July 2017

Val with visitors from the United Arab Emirates who were in the audience for Live Lit Co's performance of 'Much About Nothing in One Hour'. One of the children is disabled and loved the performance so much that his mother brought him back the next day.

The Live Lit Co performed 'Much About Nothing in One Hour' at Shakespeare's School Room, Stratford-upon-Avon in July 3rd this Summer. It was performed by students from Niagara University USA, who Val worked with to prepare the performance. The play was adapted and directed by Val Doulton.

Val and Harriet Walter at her 'Brutus And Other Heroines' Book Signing - March 2017

Val with Harriet Walter at her book signing of 'Brutes And Other Heroines' at The National Theatre. Harriet performed in one of the programmes that Val staged at The Cheltenham Festival of Literature.

Val visits Samuel Beckett's grave

Val took this photo at Samuel Beckett's grave when she was last in Paris at the end of March 2017. She put flowers on his grave with the Live Literature Company card as a mark of respect.